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The Hatfields’ Magnificent Neighborhood Grill

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It’s time to get started on some holiday thank-yous.

Start with one for the guy who gave the Hatfields a smoker.

Some gifts keep on giving at Odys + Penelope, a smoldering new dinner destination starring three grills, a smoker, and Quinn and Karen Hatfield—they start taking online reservations Saturday for a Monday debut. (Here’s the slideshow.)

It’s a high-ceilinged, bare-beamed dining room a few doors down from the Sycamore Kitchen. From the long bar on your left, it begins with smoked-jalapeño margaritas...

As for dinner, there are two approaches to your night:

1) When making reservations, aim for a street view up front under the Corinthian columns. It just feels more suitably Greek-epic that way.

2) But there’s considerable walk-in space, too, with some of the best seats in the house—facing the open kitchen beside huge geometric caches of stacked logs. Here you’ll feel some heat from the raging fire grill, Brazilian churrasco and wood smoker making your smoked-lamb lettuce cups, hot skillet foccacia with dandelion greens, and flash-grilled spot prawns.

And again, it’s the Hatfields. So dessert is mandatory. Maybe chocolate pie with peanut crumble and a rye crust.

Okay, maybe “mandatory” is too strong a word.

Probably not, though.


Odys + Penelope
127 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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