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Your New Sushi and Sake Spot Goes Like This...

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Life is full of questions:

Who am I? Where am I headed in life? What am I going to do once I get there?

It’s also full of answers:

You’re hungry. You’re headed to Buckhead. You’re going to eat lots of sushi and drink lots of sake.

At Doraku, a place that has both of those things we just mentioned in ample supply and would probably make good sense to show up to tonight. It’s currently open at Buckhead Atlanta.

As you make your entrance, you’ll notice that this place is really Japanese. Don’t be alarmed. It’s supposed to be like that because it’s a Japanese restaurant. From the traditional greeting you’ll receive from the hostess to the massive carved Buddha bust to the so-very-much sake. This is a safe place.

Along one wall, you’ll find a big wraparound bar made from hand-carved Indonesian driftwood. On the opposite side, places to sit. How very convenient. Find one and eat a God of Fire roll with tuna, jalapeño and spicy aioli there.

Or maybe just hit the sushi bar in the back and point to something on the menu. Garlic strip loin and lobster. Toro. A bottle of sake.

Vocalizing that you’d like those things will help, too.

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