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A 24-Hour Taco Stand near Dupont

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Here’s a scene from your future: it’s 3am. It’s about 25 degrees. And you’re standing outside near Dupont Circle.

No, you’re not locked out. You’re just hungry for meat-stuffed tacos.

Namely, the ones at the Surfside Taco Stand, a new offshoot of the Glover Park stalwart that’s nothing more than 700 square feet of kitchen and two takeout windows. It’ll be open 24/7 starting tomorrow at 11am.

Yup, open all day and all night. We know: bold. Hell, this place could be the setting for a new season of 24, in which Kiefer Sutherland creepily hangs out on N Street and consumes a different taco every hour as he gets increasingly exhausted and paranoid.

Okay, that would probably grow tiresome.

So it’s probably more like the place that’ll be open anytime you get a taco craving. Which could really be anytime.

If you’re just grabbing a taco and heading back to the office, something like the teriyaki-short-rib or grilled-rockfish option is probably the ticket. But come 11pm, they’ll switch to an egg-heavy menu for nightcap and early-morning purposes. Like eggs with chorizo, poblanos and cotija cheese.

If a scrambled-egg taco can’t help you, you’re beyond help.

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