La Savina

To Sav and to Hold

A New Mediterranean Sanctuary at the Mondrian

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Hell of a winter storm raging out there.

The bite in that 80-degree air just gets right down to the bone.

Might want to button up that short-sleeved number for this one.

And ride out the winter winds at La Savina, a Mediterranean sanctuary for lobster a la parrilla, chilled glasses of sangria and one exceptional water view, now open in South Beach.

Then: Asia de Cuba. Kind of had this whole Buckingham-Palace-meets-Jamiroquai vibe. Now: the exact opposite. All blue gray and bright yellow with nautical ropes standing in as curtains. (See for yourself right here.)

Inside, you’ll want one of the tables in the back corner for a casual-ish third date. There you’ll have perspective on the entire room along with direct access to the juice bar. You know what they say: location, location, juice.

Some scallop crudo, grilled lobster and a handful of sangria glasses later... and you could just call it a night. And that’d be perfectly fine.

If there weren’t a patio.

But there is. A covered number with dozens of oversize planters, rattan lampshades, lanterns and a nearly flawless view of the sun hovering over Biscayne Bay.

We know: we had you at rattan lampshades.

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