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Team Spotted Trotter Made You a Restaurant

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Two things are about to happen in your life:

1) You are going to eat a lot of meat.
2) We actually may not need a number two here.

Succumb to the warm embrace of The Cockentrice, a magical world filled with delicious variations of former animals from the lovely Spotted Trotter people, now open in the Krog Street Market. (This is your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

As you enter, you’ll see that...

There’s a bar.
Go to her. Ask yourself, “Where am I? In a fancy barn? In an English library?” Then stop doing that and make with the having of drinks with your date. The Pret a Mangiare, for example. It’s a witch’s brew of bourbon, maple syrup, egg and trimmings from the butcher shop up front. Please hold your applause until...

You enter the dining room.
Note the glowing trophy case of meats above your head. Those are being cured. You can eat those. And look over there to the right. It’s a pyramid of pickled things. Pickled everythings. Take your time. This is exciting. And when you’re ready, direct your attention to...

The tables.
Feel free to summon things like Burgundy Braised Beef Pillows and lamb cobbler and duck prosciutto to one of them.

See. Meat.

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