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A Hotel in a Tasmanian Pump House

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Tasmanian Devil joke? Too obvious.

Crocodile Dundee reference? Too dated.

Direct acknowledgement of the fact that a hydro-pump station in Tasmania isn’t where you thought you’d be spending your next vacation?


Say g’day to Pumphouse Point, a majestic new hotel in a converted hydro-pump station in Tasmania (of all places), taking reservations now for a January 1 opening.

Some background: back in the 1930s, some Aussies built a five-story building for hydroelectric turbines out in the middle of Tasmania’s Lake St Clair.

Fast-forward to today: some other Aussies have converted said building into a 12-room hotel with floor-to-ceiling windows and easily the nicest furnishings ever furnished in a former hydroelectric dam. (See the slideshow here.)

Fast-forward to anytime after January 1: you find yourself in one of those rooms after a long day of trout fishing and canoe paddling. You head to the bar downstairs, which has an iPad-based “honor system” instead of an actual bartender (we assume you know your way around a wet bar).

A bright-eyed companion appears. You honorably procure two local whiskeys. The conversation turns to your earlier sightings of wallabies and wombats. Then the fact that you’re just two people on a semifloating hotel in the middle of a beautiful lake.

Then maybe just stop with the talking.


Pumphouse Point
1 Lake St Clair Rd
Lake St Clair, Tasmania 7140
+042 809 0436
official website


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