Twin Smokers BBQ

In It to Twin It

Bourbon Milkshakes and So Much BBQ Downtown

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“Barbecue hell.”

You imagine it’s filled with iceberg lettuce, tempeh and wheatgrass shots.

“Barbecue heaven.”

You imagine it’s filled with dinosaur beef ribs, carving stations and a library with wood instead of books.

Guess which one we’ll be discussing today...

Make your divine ascent into Twin Smokers BBQ, a new place that has barbecue, and lots of it. She’s opening Saturday Downtown. (The slideshow’s this way and the menu’s this other way.)

Everywhere you look: interestingness. The chandelier and bar lights made out of whiskey bottles. The Harley, Coke and John Deere memorabilia on the walls. Those giant red smokers named after the owner’s twins, Elizabeth and Matthew. (One’s strictly for beef, the other’s for chicken and pork.)

Feel free to bring some leftover out-of-towners here for dinosaur beef ribs at an indoor picnic table. Or for post-holiday bourbon milkshakes on the left side of the bar. The right side’s full of carving stations, so left feels important.

And that wood library. It’s... a wood library. As in floor-to-ceiling stacks of post oak, Texas mesquite, hickory and white oak individually labeled with chalkboard tags.

Great, now you’re wondering what a wood librarian looks like.

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