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A Maui Transplant with Fish Tacos and Beer

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Dear Hawaii,

Thank you for Bruno Mars and Hawaii Five-0, we guess.

But how about some fish?

Well, hey, would you look at that... someone listened.

Laugh in the face of winter at Coconut’s Fish Cafe, a friendly gift from Maui you’ll visit for fish tacos and beer, now open for lunch and dinner on West Lovers Lane. (See the slideshow.)

The first thing you’ll notice: the tables are shaped like surfboards. So that’s fun. And the interior’s got a real sunny disposition with light woods, pops of green and Hawaiian imagery all over the walls. Just the kind of place where you’d enjoy sitting down with plates of mahi-mahi and cold Kona beers. (See the full menu.)

And you should absolutely do that. But before that, you’ll have to walk up to the counter. There you can peruse the menu of coconut-shrimp appetizers, ahi tuna and fish tacos topped with coleslaw and mango salsa. Then you can proceed to place your order, sit down and vigorously consume such things while you pretend you’re actually in Maui.

And that the parking lot is really a beach.

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