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Retro Cocktailing in Crown Heights

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There are places that just feel right.

And let’s face it, you can never really have enough of those.

Unfortunately, today, we don’t have anything like that.

Just kidding, it’s called Branch Ofc.—just a sort of perfect-in-every-way neighborhood bar, opening soon in Brooklyn. And it looks like this.

What’s the vibe here?
It’s got a cafeteria/lunch-counter feel, the big differences being the cocktails and the lack of schoolchildren. Try the cocktail they named the place after (might have been the other way around). Whiskey. Lime. Bitters.

Where the hell is this?
Crown Heights, right near where Ebbets Field used to be. A relative of the owner was a beat reporter for the Dodgers during the Jackie Robinson era, hence all the cool old baseball photos.

Crown Heights?
It’s happening. It’s pointless to fight it. You’ve probably already got friends looking to buy out there. Berg’n is out there already.

What’s the patio situation—Brooklyn’s always got patio situations?
Big patio. Would that you could go out there now. But... soon enough.

Is there pinball?
Uh-huh. And we all know how unbelievable your pinball skills become after some Irish whiskey.

It’s a one-with-the-paddles kind of thing.


Branch Ofc.
225 Rogers Ave
(between Union and President)
Brooklyn, NY, 11225


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