Gravy Area

Thirteen-Layer Lasagna. Meat Loaf. Grant Park.

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You probably won’t be venturing over to the park section of Grant Park much until spring, so let’s see if we can find you another good reason to visit.

Well now.

What’s this little place with a neon sign above the door that says “Gravy”?

It’s... Gravy, a new dinner spot with a menu that may as well have been created by a bunch of grandmas, and it opens tomorrow night.

It’s pretty dimly lit in here. Pretty industrial. There’s a pair of giant silver factory doors, a hanging propeller and a metal sculpture on the side patio. There’s a Piggly Wiggly conveyor belt that’s been repurposed as a liquor bottle shelf in the bar. There’s more where that came from in this slideshow.

The cocktail menu’s still being worked out, so maybe pop in for a beer and some 13-Layer Potluck Lasagna with Italian sausage, Bolognese, fresh ricotta, sundried-tomato crème and apparently some other layers.

Then again, it’s called Gravy. So it might be wise to get the turkey meat loaf with mushroom gravy, the shrimp and grits with tasso gravy or the chicken-fried chicken with pan gravy.

Ah. Name makes sense now.

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