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Mister Collins Is Now This Place

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“No, please don’t give me any more beautiful date-night-worthy spots on the water with killer raw bars.”

—No one

So here comes Bistro Bal Harbour, a sunny ode to raw bars and waterfront tête-à-têtes in the former Mister Collins space, soft-open now in Bal Harbour and officially opening tomorrow.

Here’s a rundown of what’s changed (and what hasn’t) at this place.

Then: Windows. Huge ones letting the sunlight bathe everything inside.
Now: Still lots of windows, but they’ve converted the communal table inside to a showpiece bar and added a bunch of fancy space heaters to the patio. Yes, space heaters. (See the slideshow here.)

Then: After-dinner drinks.
Now: After-dinner drinks... with cigars. There’s a humidor at the bar for that sort of thing. Convenient.

Then: An unfortunate lack of raw bars.
Now: A massive one running the length of a hallway packed with whole fish and oysters on ice. (See the menu here.)

Then: A wine cellar with just... wine.
Now: Relax. The wine cellar hasn’t left. But now it’s been joined by a quaint two-top for a date who requires some impressing.

Then: Killer views of the Atlantic Ocean.
Now: The same.

Never change, ocean. Never change.

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