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A Cozy Hangout for Kebabs and Wine

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Well, here come the holidays.

And with them: visiting family, office parties and other such obligations.

So if there were a cozy hideaway stocked with enough meat and wine to ride out winter... yeah, you’d be interested.

Take refuge at Pera Wine Bistro, a friendly little hangout that’s peddling spit-roasted lamb and plenty of vino, opening tomorrow at McKinney Ave and Boll Street. (See it here.)

It’s just a narrow stretch of wooden tables, white chairs and some shelves housing glass jars of ingredients. But the real draw is what’s happening behind the counter. That would be doner kebab spinning on vertical rotisseries and awaiting your request to have it sliced off and lovingly placed on a plate or made into a sandwich.

So that gives you something to think about when you sit down for dinner. Like how much kebab and falafel to eat, and whether to get a glass of wine or a whole bottle. We’re confident you’ll make the right decision.

But you should know they’ll also deliver, so that’s of vital import when you’re more hungry than willing to leave the house.

And another bonus: they’re staying open late on weekends. Like, 4am late.

Yep, that’s late all right.


Pera Wine Bistro
2633 McKinney Ave, Ste 170
Dallas, TX, 75204


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