Give Free or Die Hard

A Last-Minute Gift List for the Home Stretch

6219f8ee81f96e5864ab30b7cf2017579 PhotosThe 2014 Last-Minute Gift Guide San Francisco
You’ve got the monogrammed chestnut roaster.

You’ve got the artisanal mistletoe, dipped in elves’ tears.

You’ve got the... champagne.

You’re ready for holiday crunch time, is what we’re saying.

All you need now: um, some gifts for some people.

Here to help: The 2014 Last-Minute Gift Guide, a no-fail, last-minute shopping guide that’s got all the best present ideas for everyone on your list, in convenient slideshow form.

You’ll find six-pack holders crafted from California redwood, rabbit-fur fedoras and, of course, tartan dog coats.

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