Chance of Grain

Bourbon and Oysters in Midtown. Simple.

40ae6e2fc48d8071f60bcc3ed1cf0bafdc3be80d7 PhotosGrain
Here’s when you’ll find yourself in this very small, very dimly lit spot from some Cypress Street and Seven Lamps guys called Grain.

--On Monday, because that’s when it opens.
--Late. They’re open until 3am every night except Sunday. 
--After seeing this menu and this slideshow. Notice all the wooden tables sticking out from the bar. Convenient placement.
--When you want a Not so Neutral with bourbon, Italian vermouth, Benedictine and grapefruit bitters.
--After work on weekdays for Oyster Happy Hour. Give them $1, they’ll give you an oyster.

No haggling. 

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