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Beef Cheek and Good Cocktails in the O4W

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Tomorrow, you’ll sit around a table and express a lot of gratitude.

And on Tuesday, you’ll do some more of that.

Except then, the table will be at this new neighborhood corner bar called Last Word, which opens then in the old P’cheen space in the Old Fourth Ward.

And this is what you’ll be thankful for there...

Your local community leaders.
Particularly, the former Woodfire Grill owner and the current Videodrome owner. Because they went ahead and turned P’cheen (RIP) into the place that you can see right here in this slideshow.

Your date.
Having one here makes sense, what with all those brass pendant lights, metal drink rails and curved booths with two-tops in them.

Weird art.
Like the print of people taking pictures of other people wearing things like purple robes and garters.

People who aren’t related to you.
As the night progresses, they’ll start straggling in to meet you. Take over that massive redwood communal table and begin amassing root liqueur and absinthe cocktails from the King + Duke vet behind the bar.

The food in front of you.
It’s all there. Rabbit liver mousse. Braised beef cheek with hand-rolled couscous. Radish and turnips with uni butter.

So much uni butter to be thankful for.

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