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The Hot List: 2014 Holiday Parties

Your friends keep checking their mailbox. Refreshing their inbox. Looking to the sky for carrier pigeons. Yep, they’re waiting for your holiday party invite. But you can’t very well send one without the proper venue, now can you. Now can you?

Balcony Room at St. Cecilia

Balcony Room at St. Cecilia

You require: A lofty area. Access to a private bar. Seafood and pasta as envisioned by Ford Fry.
You’ll receive: An upstairs room where things like scallops, apple ravioli and Peronis will come in waves. Or in hoards. Choose whichever word feels the most dramatic.

Seats 40, holds 65, St. Cecilia, 3455 Peachtree Rd NE, 404-554-9995

Private Dining Room at KR SteakBar

Private Dining Room at KR SteakBar

You require: Complete privacy, multiple entry options and passed pork pâté.
You’ll receive: A dark, speakeasy-style room that’s accessible both via a private entrance and through the kitchen. Take the latter route if you want to scope out the pork pâté, since that’s a thing you required.

Seats 50, holds 200, KR SteakBar, 349 Peachtree Hills Ave, 404-841-8820

Semiprivate Room at Makan

Semiprivate Room at Makan

You require: Somewhere for you and 59 of your closest colleagues and clients to trade envelopes and drink holiday-appropriate amounts of soju.
You’ll receive: A bar area enclosed by a floor-to-ceiling curtain and complete with a 14-foot-long communal table and pork belly buns for days. Assuming you rented it for days.

Holds 60, Makan, 130 Clairemont Ave, Ste 100, Decatur, 404-996-6504

Wild Heaven Craft Beers Brewery

Wild Heaven Craft Beers Brewery

You require: Beer.
You’ll receive: The run of an entire brewery. This means everything from English-style barley wine and Belgian-style saisons to private tours of the bottling line to drinking from tasting goblets. Goblets > not goblets.

The Estate

The Estate

You require: A sprawling Buckhead manse. In case it’s also an anniversary crossed with a birthday mixed with a promotion.
You’ll receive: An estate that was built in 1797. It has a ballroom, wine cellars, crystal chandeliers, fireplaces and sun porches. Typical 1797-type stuff.

Holds 350, The Estate, 3109 Piedmont Rd NE, 404-869-8858

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