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Five Hot Cocktails to Consider This Season

Whoops. Got cold. Just got a little cold on us there. But we can beat this together. We can beat this with five cocktails that are served hot and have things like bourbon and plum wine in them. Come. Let’s explore.

Akino Yusen at Umi

<em>Akino Yusen</em> at Umi

You Require: Sushi. But more importantly, a warm beverage that your date’s never had before.
You’ll Receive: A carafe that’s resting in a hot water bath and full of enough cabernet, apple brandy, spiced pear liqueur and allspice dram for two. It’s resting in a bath, people.

$22 (off-menu; serves two), Umi, 3050 Peachtree Rd NW, 404-841-0040

Bootlegger’s Tea at the Shed

<em>Bootlegger’s Tea</em> at the Shed

You Require: A heated alcoholic beverage that makes you feel all happy. Maybe some trout.
You’ll Receive: Ginger-infused bourbon from South Carolina. Sugar cane. A cinnamon stick. Star anise. Just like Mom used to make.

$9, The Shed, 475 Bill Kennedy Way, 404-835-4363

Spilt Milk at Saltyard

<em>Spilt Milk</em> at Saltyard

You Require: Dessert to bring you back to life after a big meal. Dessert that’s liquid and caffeinated and not carrot cake.
You’ll Receive: A stemmed glass containing vodka, triple sec, coffee and frothed milk garnished with espresso beans. And possibly the secrets of life.

$8, Saltyard, 1820 Peachtree Rd NW, 404-382-8088

Hot-Cocktail Menu at JCT. Bar

Hot-Cocktail Menu at JCT. Bar

You Require: A bourbon-spiked hot chocolate. No, something with rum and chai tea. Actually, you’re in more of a gin-and-crème-de-violette mood...
You’ll Receive: A full hot-cocktail menu designed to encourage cold-weather cocktailing on the patio. It’s okay because the cocktails are warm, you see.

$9-$12, JCT. Bar, 1198 Howell Mill Rd, 404-355-2252

Snow Country for Old Men at Craft Izakaya

<em>Snow Country for Old Men</em> at Craft Izakaya

You Require: A cocktail that involves a little theater. Maybe it’s heated in a kettle and poured into traditional teacups. Yeah, that.
You’ll Receive: Hot sake, plum wine, green tea syrup and exactly three drops of jasmine water. You’ll have to wait until Friday to order it, though. Be strong.

$15/person (two-person minimum), Craft Izakaya, 99 Krog St, 470-355-9556

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