100 Montaditos

The Full Mont-y

You’ll Eat Lots of Tiny Sandwiches Here

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Montadito: noun, a small, tapas-size sandwich that originated in Spain.

100 Montaditos: proper noun, a spot where you can get montaditos. One hundred of them, to be exact. Starting tomorrow at the Yards.

This is a casual, Madrid-based place, made up mostly of a marble bar, high-top tables and photos of the Spanish city of Cádiz. (Take a look here.) And it’s great for a lunch with colleagues, or anytime a tableful of sandwiches and beer in front of giant TVs sounds like a situation you’d like to be in.

Here’s how it’ll go down: you’ll claim a table, then grab a menu and a pen and start checking off the sandwiches you’d like to try. Serrano ham. Chorizo with manchego. Yes, yes. Mozzarella with pesto. Sure. Hot dog. Why not. Nutella and Oreo. Well, you’ve come this far. (See the menu here.)

And there’s no need to be shy. Most of the sandwiches are only a couple bucks, so throw in a board of Spanish meats. Pair them with pitchers of sangria and buckets of beer.

By the way: for the next 100 days, the beers are all $2 or $3.

This inexpensive-sandwiches-and-beer thing could really take off.


100 Montaditos
in the Yards
300 Tingey St SE
Washington, DC, 20003


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