205 Bar

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New Lounge from Owners of La Esquina

Rock and roll is not here to stay.

That's the case in at least one spot on the LES, where Cordell Lo Chin and Serge Becker of La Esquina have just opened 205 Bar, a new lounge with a heretofore unseen '80s (we love the '80s) theme in the space formerly occupied by rock dive 6s and 8s.

Enter the bar through a plastic-strip curtain to uncover an industrial loft space reminiscent of The Factory, Andy Warhol's fabled den of silkscreening and iniquity. Inside you'll find tin ceilings and tin-covered brick walls surrounding ragtag furniture (including half of a bed doubling as a couch), while lit-up structural beams and silver disco balls complete this bar's anything-goes-as-long-as-it's-not-boring feel. Head to the stark wooden basement lined with blown-up Craigslist personal ads for refuge from the upstairs lights.

True to the artistic blending-of-ideas themed '80s, 205 Bar aims to "bring love into the room" by generating an eclectic crowd of people who don't want to be surrounded by copies of themselves. That goes double for their DJ lineup, with Promise (also moonlighting as doorwoman) spinning new wave '80s and beloved techno remix.

So bring your personality to the door, because while you might not see Warhol and Basquiat hiding out downstairs, you definitely won't see them waiting in line.


205 Bar
205 Chrystie
(at Stanton)
Lower East Side
New York, NY, 10002

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