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Thomas Jefferson. The man had a few thoughts on inalienable rights.

Namely, life, liberty... and the prerogative to pour your own beer.

Yeah, the beer thing’s definitely in the Declaration.

Just ask the guys behind American Social Brickell, the much-anticipated second outpost of the Fort Lauderdale sports bar with self-serve beer taps, now open.

First, take a look around. (This slideshow might help.) That Americana-sports-bar thing: in full effect. Pillows with the American flag on them: check. Covers of Life magazine on the wall: check. Busts of former presidents eating slices of apple pie while watching baseball: well, no. But someone should get on that.

And the concept’s pretty much the same as their Fort Lauderdale counterpart. You’ll ask your friendly barkeep for a card to activate the self-serve machines and start pouring. Funky Buddha Hop Gun, Dogfish Burton Baton—the taps will change, but their ability to wash down some wild-boar mac and cheese will remain gloriously intact.

Now, turn your attention toward the Kennedy lounge. Great spot for gathering a few ale aficionados around the fireplace while a DJ spins in a corner booth.

Kennedy always knew when to drop a beat.


American Social Brickell
690 SW 1st Ct
Miami, FL, 33130


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