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Sausages, Beer and Baseball Bats in Southeast

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Good news: there’s an attractive new bar by Nats Park.

Bad news: no one is playing baseball there now.

Good news: they’re about to play hockey there.

So go over and say hi to The Big Stick, a beer-and-sausage-centric spot from the owner of Justin’s Café, expected to open Monday.

This is a pregame place, plain and simple. Take a look. Yes, that’s an art installation made from sawed-up baseball bats. And yes, if you said the bar is “baseball-bat-colored,” you wouldn’t be wrong.

Adding to your comfort: taps that gravitate toward pilsners and other European styles, and sausages that gravitate toward duck, beer brats and half-smokes. They’ve even got some Wisconsin-style cheese curds. Nice.

Where you sit depends on the date. If you’re showing up the morning before the Winter Classic, make for the cozy lounge just inside the front door, with plaid fabric walls and a mod fireplace.

But on Nats opening day, head for the extra-long bar, or the covered wraparound booth for six way in back. And by July, you’ll be sipping your beer from one of the 50 seats they’re planning outside.

As for October... well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


The Big Stick
20 M St SE
Washington, DC, 20003


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