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A Bastion of Burgers and American Whiskey

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Someone might say that when they stumble across something good.

Something like burgers, whiskeys and a taco bar. Yeah, that would qualify.

Oh, it’s also the name of a promising new spot in the West Village with all those things. It opens Monday for lunch and dinner. (Take a peek here.)

So this place. Pretty nice inside. It’s got that whole rustic-modern thing happening—wooden pillars, metal chairs, exposed bulbs—and sliding glass doors that open to the front patio. Like we said, pretty nice inside.

But even better: they’re sporting a patriotic menu of all-American beers and whiskeys. Two things scientifically proven to complement beef-cheek tacos, fried-egg-topped burgers and truffle-cheese fries. (See the full menu.)

So our advice: bring some friends and slide into one of those leather booths along the wall. Start with a glass of rare bourbon while you peruse that menu of 40 drafts. Nice, you’re off to a great start. Then make burgers happen.

And if you’re one of those people who enjoy live music on occasion, they’ve arranged for a band to serenade you each Thursday night.

Though, technically, other patrons are still allowed to listen.

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