Things to do for December 04, 2014

The Weekender

La Madia Makeover, Hot Cocktails and Bacon Happy Hour

Now, now. Show the weekend where it hurts.

The Pizza. That’s How They Hook You.

The Pizza. That’s How They Hook You.

Like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful Italian butterfly, wood-fired-pizza joint La Madia has become Osteria La Madia. What this means for you: a warmer, cozier room with wood paneling to enhance pizza-eating. And prosecco with lobster bruschetta to enhance that enhanced pizza-eating.

Welcome to Bacon Happy Hour

Welcome to Bacon Happy Hour

Bacon is a many splendored thing. It’s good in cocktails like Brian’s Bacon Elixir with bacon-infused vodka and a bacon-powder rim. It’s great in Elvis Sliders with peanut butter and banana on pumpernickel. But mostly, it’s absolutely perfect for Bacon Thursdays at Benny’s when it’s in everything on the menu.

Here Are 100 Christmas Beers for You

Here Are 100 Christmas Beers for You

’Tis the season when breweries bestow all the nice girls and boys with their special holiday refreshments. You can sample a hefty number of them with this annual rite: a tasting of Christmas and seasonal beers at Delilah’s. They’ll know if you’ve been naughty. But they won’t really give a sh*t.

Dec 6, noon-5pm, $20 for 20 samples, Delilah’s, 2771 N Lincoln Ave, 773-472-2771

Where to Play Galaga in a Tuxedo

Where to Play <em>Galaga</em> in a Tuxedo

Yes, this is a formal charity event. Men in black ties. Women swirling in lovely green dresses. But it also takes place in a bar. A bar that specializes in retro arcade games. So basically, it’s Casino Royale with Ms. Pac-Man instead of poker.

Shopping Is More Fun with Dumplings

Shopping Is More Fun with Dumplings

You know Fat Rice as a good place to get together with friends for some dumplings, Portuguese wine, etc. But on Sunday, they’re amping up the “etc.” part with a holiday market. Procure handcrafted posters and fancy foods. Drink hot cocktails and eat dumplings. Live to tell the tale.

Dec 7, 5-9pm, Fat Rice, 2957 W Diversey Ave, 773-661-9170

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