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Breaking Bread

Little Havana’s New Cuban Sandwichery

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Mid-1900s: Someone in Cuba starts serving late-night medianoche sandwiches around popular clubs.

Late-2014: Someone decides to try sticking a medianoche in a croqueta.

Today: You eat that.

At Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Co., Alberto Cabrera’s casual joint specializing in twists on the two-handed Cuban meal, now open in Little Havana.

Here’s the slideshow. And here’s a primer:

There’s a laid-back, rustic vibe here.
A lot of exposed brick and turn-of-the-century school chairs from North Carolina. On the walls: books from Cuba. Good sandwich reading material right there.

There really is a medianoche croqueta.
Along with an Elena Ruz stuffed with malta-lacquered turkey, berry compote and goat cheese. Just the kind of thing you want sidled up next to malanga chips and a slice of guava pound cake.

You can eat out on the patio. Next to the Airstream.
Draft beer will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can take your Reubencito on Cuban rye out under the string bulbs and catch some music on the stage.

And stay tuned for brunch.
Word has it that it’ll be more of an American-style barbecue.

There’s really no wrong time for barbecue.


Little Bread Cuban Sandwich Co.
541 SW 12th Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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