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Rye, Octopus and Gelato on the Westside

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It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, so we’ll go ahead and assume you’re busy.

But since this can’t wait, let’s walk and talk, shall we...

Okay, so this is the front door of Cooks & Soldiers we’re walking through. In case you haven’t gotten the proper rundown: it’s a new Basque-inspired restaurant from the Iberian Pig and Double Zero guys, and it’s opening Monday here on the Westside. (Take a moment to enjoy this slideshow and this menu before we continue.)

First impressions: big open space with towering windows, dangling teardrop bulbs and great acoustics. Stamp your foot. See. Acoustics. That’ll help when you’re telling someone how it’s named after a festival in San Sebastián where drummers dress up as cooks and soldiers.

Hey, try to keep up. We’re at the marble bar now. You’ll drink Prerequisite to Deliriums with rye, Pimm’s and watermelon juice here. Your date will, too. Sometimes matching drinks are okay.

And these are some windows that look into the kitchen, where all the grilled Spanish octopus and Chistorras in a Blanket (that’s sausage in a croissant with a cider glaze) will be made. Also, a dessert involving cereal croquetas, goat’s milk gelato and marshmallows.

Which should probably never follow the word “also” again.


Cooks & Soldiers
691 14th St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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