Things to do for November 20, 2014

The Weekender

That Calendar with the Girls. Oh, and You Can Buy the Godfather House Now.

Come together, right now. Over weekend.

Old Filson Bags: Now New Filson Bags

Old Filson Bags: Now New Filson Bags

Many moons ago, some people in the world carried these bags around until they developed rips and tears. But then they were beautifully restored with fresh stitching and things. And now they’re part of the new Filson Restoration Department so you can procure them. And the circle of bag continues.

Living Where The Godfather Was Filmed

Living Where <em>The Godfather</em> Was Filmed

Things you can do if you purchase this now-for-sale Staten Island home where parts of The Godfather were filmed:
1) Tell everyone about it.
2) Walk around like a Corleone.
3) Make coffee and things like people usually do in houses.
4) Make people offers they can’t...
Yeah, no.

A Black Hole of Music

A Black Hole of Music

This is a Spotify app wherein the following happens: 1) You enter the name of an artist you like. 2) A bubble pops up with that artist in it. 3) You click it and a bunch of similar artists emerge from it. 4) You discover new music. 5) You just sort of move on.

Seems as if These Are Your Sales

Seems as if These Are Your Sales

Billy Reid: Here’s up to 70% off a few button-downs and cardigans. One goes over the other.
Gant: You may now receive up to 60% off many pairs of shorts and chino pants.
Unis: They’re turning 14, so they’re taking 25% off of almost everything. Birthdays are fun.

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