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Smile. You’re in a Warby Parker Pop-Up.

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People who look good in glasses:

Woody Allen.

James Dean.


Now, now. Don’t deny it.

Consider the evidence at the Warby Parker Frame Studio, a rakish and timely hybrid between a frame shop and a gratis portrait studio, swinging the doors open to its Lincoln Park pop-up on Saturday. (See the slideshow here.)

Yes, you’re right. You do recognize Warby Parker from the Internet. And next year, they’re opening a permanent location here. But to hold you over until then: this.

You’ll perform all the normal frame-shopping activities—try on glasses. Try on sunglasses. Look in the mirror. Ask your friend how you look because it’s hard to see in sunglasses. Sit on a big sofa and pick up a Nabokov tome. Inquire about procuring one of those vintage cameras behind the counter (spoiler: they’ll give you a card for A&A Studios’ vintage camera shops).

And because you made a reservation, you’ll go behind that big curtain that says “Smile Chicago.” You’ll find a portrait studio back there where a professional photographer will have you strike a pose. Twelve seconds later—poof...

You don’t have to go to Sears this year.


Warby Parker Frame Studio
837 W Armitage Ave
(at Dayton)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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