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Boots. Jackets. Denim. Andersonville.

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Arctic blasts really put things into perspective.

Like how a new scarf, a new coat, a new pair of boots and some new jeans would be so perfect right about now.

Probably puts other things in perspective, too.

But for now, what’s important is that Notre, a new place of body-covering excellence, opens tomorrow in Andersonville. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s a laid-back spot with dark woods and a big leather sofa and clothing. It’s not hung up on any particular style, either. Heritage-ness from Red Wing. Contemporary-ness from Opening Ceremony. Snowflake-print-shirt... ness from Gitman Vintage.

So you’ll go. You’ll shop. You’ll mix. You’ll match. You’ll be stronger for it.

You’ll also need this cheat sheet...

From Belgium: The Stephan Schneider album scarf.
What it says about you: You enjoy being not-cold.

From France: The Maison Kitsuné MFMK hoodie.
What it says about you: You may, in fact, be Jay Z.

From LA: The Band of Outsiders Fair Isle sweater.
What it says about you: You don’t RSVP to ugly-sweater parties.

From Chicago: The Chicago Candle Co. Irish Coffee Stout candles.
What it says about you: No idea. Coffee stout candles, though.


5202 N Clark St
(at Foster)
Chicago, IL, 60640


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