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Suits, Pool and a Hidden Liquor Cabinet

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Secret bookcase doors.

Hidden liquor cabinets.

Private balconies.

After-hours games of pool.

Half-break cuffs.

The list of demands for your tailor is about to get very long...

Access the gentlemanly confines of Bespoke Club by Oliver & Rowan, a tailor that’s also a private club that’s now taking appointments in the West Loop. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Your tailor here has been referral-only until now. His specialty is bespoke. Real bespoke. The kind that takes multiple fittings, involves any sort of rare Italian cashmere, English wool or American denim and makes you generally look like a European prince.

It’s all very billiard-room-meets-old-school-private-bankers-club (with a bonus view of the Green Line). Someone will point a remote at a wooden box. A bar filled with bourbon will rise. Behind a bookcase, your own beer tap handle will materialize.

And as your various measurements are being taken, you may think this would be a cool spot to hang out. Well, now would be a good time to put on your charm offensive. Because a very select group will be invited to join the private club and use this place as a predinner drink spot. A place to entertain clients. A place to...

Look good in a new suit.


Bespoke Club by Oliver & Rowan
1008 W Lake St
(between Morgan and Carpenter)
Chicago, IL, 60607


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