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Battery Park’s Massive Drinking Spot

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Let’s just skip right to it today.

Here’s your first look at Pier A Harbor House, a drinking and raw bar spot run by the guys behind the Dead Rabbit. It’s opening tonight, and enormous barely begins to describe it.

The parts opening tonight are called the Long Hall and the Oyster Bar.
The Long Hall is... a long hall. (Seriously, it’s very long—look.) And it gives way to the Oyster Bar, which is... yeah. Together they create a vast expanse of bars, old ship gauges, highboys, beer drinking and oyster consumption.

There’s a big statue basically right outside.
Something about huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Yes, there will be cocktails.
Including a Dark and Stormy on tap. Also: their own unfiltered pilsner from Brooklyn Brewery.

Oysters and seafood are the thing.
Towers, lobster bakes, fish-and-chips. And a pioneering Mangalitsa-pork bratwurst.

A more formal restaurant is coming in upstairs.
That’s later, and it’ll have a chef’s table. But for now they’re taking holiday party bookings. Did you get that? Holiday party bookings. Several cocktail bar spaces and another huge space that can be used as a dance hall. Get on that.

When this, ahem, temporary six-month cold snap ends, there’s much waterfront seating.
Maybe it’ll get warm again.


Pier A Harbor House
at City Pier A
22 Battery Pl
(at Battery Park)
New York, NY, 10004


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