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Of Fish Fries and Cocktails

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“Shiver me timbers.”

We’re just going to leave that phrase there.

Tonight, maybe you use it. Maybe you don’t.

Totally up to you.

But let’s just take a peek at The Folly, which looks and feels like a wooden ship filled with cocktails and late sea life. It’s open now.

If you’ve found yourself doing some general evening carousing at the Brooklyneer or Hill & Dale, you know what these guys are about. Solid cocktails and beer, a meticulous eye for thematic detail (e.g., the vintage music stuff at H&D) and places you just don’t really want to leave for some reason.

This has all of that (here’s some photographic corroboration) with the benefit of some mean seafood additions, too. The main event will be the fish-fry situation for four, with fresh pollock, shrimp and champagne tempura with calamari (champagne tempura: huge in the maritime community).

And about your cocktail options—browsing the menu... and we’re browsing—there’s a Vesper martini with blue cheese crumbles. Try that.

Beats the hell out of the cheddar Manhattan.

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