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Steak Frites and Frenchness in Buckhead

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Going out on a limb here...

You wouldn’t mind if a warm, toasty and incredibly French place came into your life and offered you some duck liver terrine in the very near future.

So here’s Le Bilboquet, a new French bistro stockpiled with steak frites and art and plenty of heat lamps on the sidewalk patio, opening for dinner on Thursday in Buckhead Atlanta. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your sample menu.)

Pretty Parisian in here. You’ve got your terrazzo floor. Your vintage brass fixtures. Your French food. But this place originally hails from New York, as partially evidenced by the painting of a naked woman with a sign that says:

Chelsea Hotel
New York City
1,000,000 miles

A million miles. Huh. Anyway, it’s the only freestanding restaurant in Buckhead Atlanta. Which means you’re surrounded by shops. Which works out because you have holiday shopping to do.

But first, martinis at the pewter bar with a well-accented date. First, that blue velvet banquette under the American flag made out of 32 record covers. First, veal scallopini and steamed mussels.

Yeah, you’re not going shopping.

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