Things to do for November 14, 2014

The Weekender

Dancing, Nutella French Toast and Your Mustache

Break the Internet<br /> Weekend

This Caviar Was Banned. Now It’s Back.

This Caviar Was Banned. Now It’s Back.

Your Perks: 1) Award-winning Russian black osetra caviar that was banned for the last 10 years. 2) Leather texting gloves that work with your phone in the cold. Finally. 3) A slim, lightweight portable phone charger so you never have to fight over outlets while traveling. Or at your family’s house during the holidays.

The Biggest Vilebrequin in the World

The Biggest Vilebrequin in the World

Here’s a statistical look at the reopened Vilebrequin:
Floor of new location: 2nd
Square feet: 1,400
Dressing rooms modeled after beach huts: quite a few
Number of suits embroidered with 24-karat gold and sapphire tips: 1
Cost of said suit: $10,000
Odds of said suit actually being worn on South Beach: surprisingly high

Now open, Vilebrequin, 9700 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, 305-861-4022

Your Mid-Movember Update

Your Mid-Movember Update

The pressure on you and your facial hair this month is huge. In fact, it’s putting a strain on your relationship. Look, take your mustache to Blo. They’ll give your face mane a shampoo and styling, while you get a 20-minute head massage. Glad we could be here for this.

Oh, Just a Trailer Full of Fish Tacos

Oh, Just a Trailer Full of Fish Tacos

Hey, look who’s doing the food truck thing. It’s Jean Paul. You know, the guy behind Jean Paul’s House and La Cofradia. And okay, it’s not really a truck. More of a fixed trailer that’s dishing up his ceviches, fish tacos and roast-pork-butifarra sandwiches. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Fri-Sun, noon-3:30pm, Harbour Bites, 2640 S Bayshore Dr, 786-208-2896

Your Lounging Looks Different Now

Your Lounging Looks Different Now

It’s important to keep things fresh. Particularly when it comes to your drinks. Cavalli agrees. So they’ve spruced up their second-floor lounge with new decor, a private balcony table with its own security detail and a new list of cocktails, like the What Would Jesus Drink with vodka. Apparently... vodka.

Vintro’s New Brunch Sounds Grand

Vintro’s New Brunch Sounds Grand

Nutella-and-banana-stuffed french toast, a raw bar and bottomless white-wine sangria—those are the kinds of delicious things you’ll find at Vintro’s new Sunday brunch. Also: a solid excuse for a nap.

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