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Linton Hopkins Does the Botanical Garden

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Might want to get yourself to the Atlanta Botanical Garden on Saturday.

For one, that’s when they flip on the holiday lights for the first time this season.

For two, that’s when they flip on The Café at Linton’s in the Garden for the first time ever.

It’s he of Holeman & Finch, Restaurant Eugene and James Beard Award fame’s newest restaurant, it’s smack in the middle of the Botanical Garden, and it’s opening Saturday for dinner. (See the slideshow here.)

Chef Linton Hopkins needs no introduction. So we’re not going to introduce him. Instead, we’re going to tell you to promptly get a pair of tickets to the garden because that’s the only way you can eat there.

Once you make that happen, show up with a date whose interests in hydrangeas and geckos come second only to chicken pot pie and prosecco. After walking around and deciding that it’s too damn cold not to be sitting in a bright and airy room filled with long double-sided banquettes and ficus trees, you’ll head inside.

You’ll wine. You’ll dine. You’ll take a s’mores kit outside to a nearby courtyard and make s’mores on a hibachi grill.

And then you’ll realize that you’ve accidentally set the date bar way too high.


The Café at Linton’s in the Garden
1345 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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