Gleaming the Tube

A Tiny Tube Full of Lifesaving Things

None You’re camping.

You hear a threatening noise.

You reach for the closest thing to you.

It’s a tiny tube.

Thank God it’s a tiny tube.

Especially if it’s VSSL, an aesthetically pleasing and damn-near-indestructible silver cylinder that’s filled with all kinds of nonsense (and by nonsense, we mean lifesaving survival tools), now available for preorder.

The basic concept: you never know what you’ll need when you’re out in the world.

So you should probably fill a military-grade aluminum tube with as many critical things as possible. The standard version comes with an oil-filled compass and an LED flashlight with an SOS mode. But they also have some prefilled options with things like...

Supplies: Necessities like razor blades, waterproof matches and a wire saw that can take down a small tree.

Shelter: There’s an actual polyethylene tent and a 20-foot rope stuffed inside this one.

First Aid: Knuckle bandages, antiseptic wipes and ibuprofen. Cotton pads, safety pins and tweezers. Medical tape, gloves and ointment. Apologies if you hate the word ointment.

And then there’s this... other option. It’s a black canister with a medical mask and a “detachable skull-perforating spike” inside.

Someone’s been watching too much AMC.

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