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Mall or Nothing

The Twenty Five Lusk Team’s Spot... at Westfield

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You’re surrounded by holiday shoppers.

All hell is breaking loose. An elf just took someone down.

But there, in the distance, good burgers and scotch shakes from the Twenty Five Lusk guys...

It’s always darkest just before the light.

Find sanctuary at Tap (415), a beer-garden-y retreat of spiked milkshakes, meaty sandwiches and plenty of TVs at Westfield San Francisco Centre, opening tomorrow. (See the sample menu and the slideshow.)

You know the Twenty Five Lusk guys. Good guys. Well, here you can expect a sleek, minimalist hideout with long wooden tables, exposed bulb lighting and some orange details the exact same color as the Golden Gate Bridge. Great, now you’ll get hungry every time you see the bridge...

Anyway, say you finished your holiday shopping online, but you’re with someone who... didn’t. Let them battle it out for the last cashmere sweater while you hole up with some Reuben Tater Tots and a Smoke in the Morning shake (there’s coffee ice cream and smoked scotch) under a half-dozen football-streaming TVs.

And if you suddenly realize you forgot a gift for your barber, just buy something on your phone before your BBQ Wagyu Burger arrives.

Online shopping at the mall. Sure. Works well.

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