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Fabio Viviani Goes Big. Italian Big.

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Siena Tavern’s finally here.

No, this isn’t a joke.

We’re serious about this.

Well, as serious as you can be about a meatball with its own Twitter account.

Anyway, the massive Italian playground helmed by Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani is finally opening its doors Monday in South Beach. (Oh, and your very first look inside is right here.)

So without further ado, six crucial facts:

1. It’s in the old China Grill spot.
Yes, it’s got some big shoes to fill. But... that won’t be a problem.

2. There’s a crudo-and-pizza bar.
It’s toward the back. Grab a seat there and go the hamachi-with-truffle-honey-and-jalapeño route. Or the burrata-pie-from-a-Wood-Stone-oven route.

3. Of course, there’s also just a regular old bar.
And it’s a massive circular number that opens up to a patio. Great spot for a glass of wine or a cocktail designed by the Bar Lab boys.

4. Speaking of the patio...
They’ve got one. With Italian string lights, a vine-laden pergola and a sprawling olive tree that essentially sets the mood for...

5. Brunch.
But not until mid-December. Sorry.

6. The meter maids shall be displeased.
Because there’s a 250-space parking lot right above the building.

You: 1, Tremont Towing: 0.


Siena Tavern
404 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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