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A Room with a View. And Fried Chicken.

A Room with a View. And Fried Chicken.

You’ve been to the Linq. You’ve thought, “There should be a hotel here.” And then your thoughts turned into this tiny, graffiti-adorned hotel with Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken room service and a view of the observation wheel. Your thoughts really get you.

Now taking reservations, Linq Hotel, 866-328-1888

Of Meats and Cheeses

Of Meats and Cheeses

There’s a new rustic-Americana-type restaurant at Red Rock called Hearthstone. So if you’re into the idea of lounging around and having trays of steak tartare and hand-shucked oysters brought to you, plan on coming here. If not, maybe get that checked out.

Congratulations: This Bar Never Closes

Congratulations: This Bar Never Closes

Maybe you’re at Haze. Maybe you’ve made a friend. And maybe you could use a place that’s less strobe-light-y and more mood-light-y. Here’s an option: Alibi, Aria’s new lounge. Grab some Sazeracs. Sit on something leathery. Stay awhile because it never closes. Timely sentence: they also have mimosas.

If You Can Get a Seat Here, Get One

If You Can Get a Seat Here, Get One

New reasons to make the short jaunt to Henderson: pork dumplings. Sumac-marinated lamb. A date who likes those. Because here’s a new restaurant from Ritz-Carlton and Le Méridien vet David Clawson called... David Clawson. Tiny spot. Only four booths and a chef’s counter. All omakase. Fine, twist your arm.

Now open Tue-Sat, 5-10pm, David Clawson, 2840 Bicentennial Pkwy (off Sun City Anthem), Henderson, 702-466-2190

Crucial Caddyshack-Themed Party News

Crucial <em>Caddyshack</em>-Themed Party News

Tuesdays are now the best days. Because those are the days when Drai’s will transform itself into a Caddyshack-inspired country club. Which means you can expect a lot of plaid shorts and bucket hats and pleated skirts and Noonan references. Mostly people saying “Noonan.”

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