A Helpful Assistant That Lives in Your Phone

None Doing things for yourself: it’s good. Builds character.

Having an assistant do them for you: it’s good. Builds... more time into your day for cocktails.

So rely heavily on Private Secretary, a new app that’s like a really smart personal assistant (except, you know, an app), now available for iPhone and coming soon to Android.

It’s kind of like your phone’s calendar became sentient and anthropomorphized into an actual secretary. Kind of. Because with it you can do all the basic calendar stuff—scour everyone’s calendar and recommend the optimal time for meetings, schedule said meetings, set reminders, send invites. That kind of thing.

But the best part: you can shirk all your responsibilities with the push of a button. Just hit “Clear my day,” and this thing clears your calendar and sends a reschedule request to everyone involved.

And so begins another long weekend.

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