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Andrew Carmellini’s New Cocktail Keep

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“I’m so sick of all these impeccable Andrew Carmellini restaurants and bars.”

... is a thing you will not hear.


And so we give you Evening Bar, a discreet and achingly attractive cocktail spot from the folks behind the Dutch, Lafayette, Bar Primi, et al. It’s opening tomorrow... evening, in an unassuming corner of Smyth Tribeca.

One quick thing to know first: this is part of a dual restaurant/cocktail bar situation at the hotel, and we’ll have everything you need to know about Little Park, the restaurant, tomorrow. So let’s call today Part 1. An aperitif, if you will.

Now, enter the hotel. Hang a right at the lobby. Spot the brown sliding door in the back-right corner. Slide it. Emerge at Evening Bar. It’s stunning (photo evidence enclosed). The fireplace. The California mid-century modern furniture. (Must. Resist. Urge to steal.) The dimness. And the cocktails. Oh my, the cocktails.

Old Alobar (found conveniently here in the menu), an egg-white number that employs gin, walnut liqueur and beet powder, among other things. Porcini Nog’s got scotch, porcini vinegar, porcini mushroom and egg. And Boston Marriage: sherry, Byrrh, maple syrup and cranberry reduction. If you’re just rejoining us after skipping that ingredient list: in short, get ’em all.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, bring a date.

Hell, bring two.

And wait until you see the restaurant.

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