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Coppi’s New Home in Cleveland Park

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And here you thought you were done with things rising from the grave for a while.

No. Because here comes a reincarnated, reanimated pizza place. And it’s a good one.

It’s Coppi’s Organic Restaurant, the onetime U Street stalwart, dark for two years, but now firing up the oven for a Saturday opening in Cleveland Park.

Let’s take a look at what’s changed (and what hasn’t).

Then: Small, dark and cozy.
Now: A long, narrow space that once housed Lavandou. A bar runs half the length of it. And don’t worry, if you liked all the vintage Italian cycling memorabilia, they brought it along. (See the slideshow here.)

Then: A wood-burning oven turned out chewy-crust pies, along with other Northern Italian–inspired stuff, like New York strip with salsa verde.
Now: More of that, from a new oven. You can see it from the dining room. It’s the one with the colors of the Italian flag.

Then: Your pizza was soaking up mostly wine. Maybe an Italian beer.
Now: A lot more booze. Expect Italian microbrews, a dozen amaros and a cocktail list with three Negronis, plus another one that’s off menu.

No, it doesn’t come from the oven.


Coppi’s Organic Restaurant
3321 Connecticut Ave NW
(between Newark and Ordway)
Washington, DC, 20008


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