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Cocktails and Infusions in Tribeca

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We want what’s best for you.

Always have.

Always will.

And tonight, as ever, we’re thinking what’s best for you is some objectively excellent cocktails.

And so you’ll go to Bar Cyrk, an old-school den of mixed-beverage sorcery, unheard-of infusions and pizza to soak it all up, now open in Tribeca.

Think of this as a sort of spiritual sequel to the dearly departed Theater Bar (which these guys did). A heavily liquored version of the ’20s and ’30s, with silver tables and stage lights and stuff that may have been stolen from the Boardwalk Empire set. And duck-prosciutto pizza.

Grab one of the two-person booths below the sculpted-glass chandeliers and just have a date. Have it for hours. Get deep into the date.

Then get a Cantaro Mezcal (sage agave, cucumber water, mezcal, egg white). Then ask them about the infusions. They’re all over the place (though not always the menu). There’s an Old Fashioned made with saffron-infused bourbon. And here’s a fun fact: saffron costs more than gold.

Ipso facto, liquid gold has been surpassed.


Bar Cyrk
88 Thomas St
(between W Broadway and Hudson)
New York, NY, 10013


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