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A Burger Spot That Loves Its Whiskey

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In keeping with the theme today, we bring you a burger place dressed up as a whiskey bar. Or maybe a whiskey bar dressed up as a burger spot.

Anyway: lots of burgers and whiskey here. It’s called Plan B Burger Bar, it’s out of New England, and it lands on Pennsylvania Avenue on Monday.

Check it out here. It looks... exactly as you expect a place like this to look: tufted red booths, brick walls, whiskey barrels, Edison bulbs hanging from meat hooks. And here’s how you might use it.

Your boss asks you to suggest a lunch spot. Neither of you are wearing ties. Grab a booth and start in on the unsubtle burger menu. There are 20 of them (all ground in-house) and there are toppings like buffalo sauce and sliced Philly steak.

You’re making a pre–Verizon Center pit stop. Make for the bar. Order lobster sliders, potato chip nachos and your pick of the 60-plus beers. Keep your tab open.

You’re blowing off the end of the game at Verizon to go drink bourbon. They have a lot of it, including small-batch and single-barrel options—all of it in “just a nip” or “three fingers” sizes.

Hopefully they have wide fingers.

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