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Brickell’s New Palace of Italian Delights

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So this happened while you were Googling “Rust Cohle costumes”...

Tamarina. An opulent new Italian stronghold of pasta, delicately sliced fish and the flutes of bubbles that accompany them, quietly soft-open as of today and officially opening Monday in Brickell.

Yes, this was Lippi. And yes, it was nice. But you know what’s also nice: drinking champagne and consuming inordinate amounts of thinly sliced fish at a new power-lunch/after-work spot. (See the slideshow here.)

The place is split into two halves, separated in the middle by a chef’s table cloaked in long, sheer curtains. Up front: antique wood, leather, Murano glass lighting... and a crudo bar for oysters and freshly prepared tartares and carpaccios. You know, the sort of things that might precede a ribeye-and-pasta-laden dinner.

Toward the back: a more casual, café-like affair. A panini and a shot of espresso wouldn’t be entirely out of place here.

And coming soon, an alfresco champagne bar on the wraparound patio.

Yup, alfresco champagne bar season is finally here.

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