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Let’s say you built some kind of diner of yore. That looked like it was from ’50s Florida. And it were also about cocktails.

That’d be great.

Also: you’d be totally ripping off The Happiest Hour, which is open now. Let’s tour it before you go...

To enter, there’s a door (you may have guessed). Then there’s this palm-wallpaper-lined paradise—the mad concoction of some gents from Acme and Pegu Club, respectively.

The bar’s great for popping in. The back’s great for late-night burgers to soak up the cocktailery.

Right, the burger. That’s it. It’s a master class in bacon-confiting onions and melting cheese.

Did you think they wouldn’t have chicken tenders? Incorrect.

On to the cocktails. This is the Link Ray. Celery participates, and jalapeño tequila can as well.

Did we say “can”? Yes. See, most of the cocktails give you three booze options that’d go well with the rest of the drink. Like this Fall from the Tree—applejack, bourbon or scotch.

Little Red Dress
, the most perfectly named cocktail in New York.

Not pictured:
their fresh piña colada and the most excellent tiki mug it comes in.

Those disappeared somewhere.

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