Back to the Future

The World’s First Hoverboard. Here It Is.

None You love it when life imitates art.

Especially when the art in question is Back to the Future Part II.

So here’s a hoverboard. It comes from a Silicon Valley outfit called Hendo Hover, and they’re now taking orders on Kickstarter for October 2015 delivery.

Yes, that’s a long way off, we know. But hey, you’ve already waited 25 years. So you can probably wait one more.

This thing’s about the size of a skateboard, with a couple of foot pads for traction. But step on it, and four “engines” create a magnetic field that gives the board exactly one inch of lift. As far as steering goes, you just do that via your own natural movements, not unlike with a skateboard.

They’ve got some other big plans, too. Like hoverboard skate parks. But they’re not selfish about it: one of their options on Kickstarter is a package of four of their hover engines, which they encourage you to put to use building your own board, or inventing other hovering things.

Sorry, still no flux capacitor.

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