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They say you should never discuss politics over dinner.

But... that might be kind of tricky here.

Blame Sweet Auburn Seafood, a new how-it-was-back-then-type spot that has a congressman’s mural on the side of the building and cocktails named after politicians, and sits on the corner of Jesse Hill Jr Drive, now open for dinner Downtown.

Tonight, make your entrance with a longtime friend or a short-time client. A grand one, if you must. To your left: a plush-walled lounge with the mayor’s headshot. To the right: a dining room with deep-red walls. To the middle: a well-stocked bar. (See the proof here.)

You may recognize the chef from winning Chopped. You may not. Either way: lobster bombas. Baltimore crab cakes. The Swt Auburn Seafood Bgr with blackened shrimp and an awkward name.

But before all that happens, your instinct will be to start with a classic cocktail like a Manhattan or a Hemingway daiquiri. But go for the one with cognac, crème de cassis and hibiscus tea in it instead. It’s called the J.W. Dobbs.

You figured it might be.


Sweet Auburn Seafood
171 Auburn Ave NE, Ste P
Atlanta, GA, 30303


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