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A Dinner-and-Drinks Spot Called Henry’s Majestic

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When you hear “Henry,” you might think David Thoreau.

But when we hear “Henry,” we think charcuterie and cocktails.

There’s a reason for that.

Meet Henry’s Majestic, a comfortable, industrial-looking spot that’s serving meaty dinners and cocktails on tap, opening tomorrow night at McKinney and Monticello. (See the slideshow here.)

On the roster: the Bread Winners people, a Libertine/Boulevardier alum, a cured-meat whiz and a cocktail whisperer. By their powers combined... this place. You get this place. And it’s sporting stone floors, wooden tables, two bars and a real accent piece of a metal furnace anchoring the dining room.

Fortunately, you also get charcuterie boards, Texas-style brisket pho and a pastrami Reuben (see the menu here). Such things can be enjoyed with friends at one of those wooden four-tops, and they should be enjoyed alongside local beers and draft cocktails, which is something they’re doing here. Example: the nitrogen-charged, bourbon-spiked Vietnamese coffee. It’s called The 8am. It’s delightful.

And while it’s still patio weather, please, the patio. Spend some time on it. Sun yourself on a wooden banquette, shoot some pool, water a potted plant...

Always good to make yourself useful.

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