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Halloweening Like Never Before

Halloween is on the horizon. If you want to forego the usual “sexy ___” costumes at the usual “sexy ___” clubs, here are some alluring new parties that have never existed before. Good quality in an alluring party.

Cocktails and Zombie Drama

Cocktails and Zombie Drama

You require: A nice cocktail spread, with occasional interruptions by a walking corpse.
You’ll receive: Five cocktails by Rob Floyd, paired with three dishes at 41 Ocean... played out alongside a live show called Zombie Apocalypse directed by George Romero’s son. That must’ve been a weird house.

A Nicely Becostumed Downtown Crawl

A Nicely Becostumed Downtown Crawl

You require: Spiked punch, ’70s movie references and a little ghostly diversity.
You’ll receive: A crawl across five differently themed Downtown bars. King Eddy is doing The Warriors and Sixth Street Tavern will host a zombie prom. In case you missed yours.

Oct 31, 7pm-1:30am, no cover, ACME Crawloween, various Downtown locations

A Costume Party with Ocean Breezes

A Costume Party with Ocean Breezes

You require: A Bolthouse-backed stronghold of dry ice and finely reproduced skulls. You know. With some nice ocean air.
You’ll receive: Santa Monica’s Bungalow transformed into a truly terrifying, bloodcurdling, half-insane... place for you to dance and stuff.

Oct 31, 5pm-2am, The Bungalow, 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, reservations recommended, 310-899-8530

A Dance Floor in the Dining Room

A Dance Floor in the Dining Room

You require: A quick egress from the many horrors of Santa Monica Boulevard. Preferably garlic-scented.
You’ll receive: A dance floor where Cecconi’s dining room would normally be, plus a steady supply of pumpkin margaritas, pumpkin pizza and Nutella bombolini. Yep, they stole your Nutella bombolini costume idea.

Oct 31, 9pm-1:30am, no cover, Cecconi’s, 8764 Melrose Ave, reservations recommended, 310-432-2000

Oh, Just a Sex Party with Superheroes

Oh, Just a Sex Party with Superheroes

You require: More than just sexy costumes. A lot more.
You’ll receive: Mass Pleasures’ Batman-and-Catwoman-themed sex party. Yeah. Another one of those.

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