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A Monster of a Midtown Sports Bar

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Three options these days.

Either you’re rooting for the Royals.

Or you’re from San Francisco.

Or you lack what’s known as a soul.

Whatever the case, here’s Proper West, a bi-level monster of a sports bar and party spot, opening Thursday in Midtown.

This is where EVR was. RIP, EVR. We hardly knew or cared about ye. Now it’s just 5,000 square feet of flat-screens showing you what’s happening with the most athletic people in existence.

And then there’s the second floor, which is a constant DJ-led party, like these bi-level sports bars tend to be. But for this particular iteration, you’re working with a solid lineup of bacon sliders, bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese (they focus-grouped pretty hard and came up with “people like bacon”) and tequila-sangria killers.

Just look at this place (oh, look at that, there’s a whole slideshow about it). It’s opulent and full of elaborate boothage and TVs and...

Oh yeah, the Knicks are coming, too.


Proper West
54 W 39th St
(between 5th and 6th)
New York, NY 10018


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